Scheduling Shifts Made Easier Than Ever Before

Having hard time planning and making shifts for employees? Not anymore. It is now very easy to schedule shifts and communicate with your employees. Right from their phones employees will be able check in and check out for shifts. Not only that tracking of actual hours worked, labor costs, payroll processing everything will be just a click away.

We are living in a digital world. Everything is digital and everybody is online always. So why not schedule employees online? Companies today uses such online facilities for scheduling employees. Many software available to carry out such process. Time clock is very famous software designed for employee scheduling, shift scheduling, remote tracking etc. it is totally free and easy to access and super user friendly. No more stressful process of shift scheduling manually which gives you headaches all the time. Just trust time clock and enjoy the freedom it gives you and bring your team together under one umbrella.

It is available anywhere you work. Let it be android, IOS or your computer, fill your open shifts as easy as possible as your whole employees will be in sync wherever place you are. It speeds up the initial process. Unlike manual which will be more time consuming, inaccurate and not that efficient at all. Plus those sticky notes, pen and a diary and all those stuffs. And the most irritating and discussion with employees on who can work at what time and when not. Doing it online with such software is the ultimate solution for all your problems which manages everything taking account your convenience. Even last minute open shifts can be made where your employees can drop or claim if it is convenient for them. Upon claiming it is added right away to the schedule and it is done. No space for scheduling conflict at all. In addition it automatically sends notification to your employees when shifts are made and updated. Access as well as control from anywhere at any time.

So track it who is working when, attendance and time like a pro. Not just giving management and employee an awareness about shift coverage, it helps in planning the entire budget as well. So say goodbye to the outdated manual scheduling and say hello to online scheduling. Make your work tension free and error free. Enjoy transparency and trust to its end fully free.