Obtain the clear information about football games

Football is a sport, played between two teams. It is the most popular game in the world. This game is played anywhere from the official play ground to even in school play ground. It originates from England. There it is called as football. In other countries such as America and Canada it is called as soccer. Football is played by two teams each having 11 players. One of these players will be goal keeper. The goal keeper is permitted to handle the ball in hands within the penalty area. The other players will be outside fielders. It is named as football because the player uses his foot to handle the ball. The organizing body of football is FIFA (federation international football association). . Globally, football is played by 250 million players in over 200 nations and has the highest television audience making it most popular game in the world. There are many competitions in football. It is conducted between clubs and countries. UEFA conducts the competition between the clubs and FIFA conducts between the countries. It has many rules. It is played by kicking the ball into the opponent’s goal. The side which scores more goals wins. The match has 90 minutes of play, with break of 15 minutes in between. It has fundamental rules and behavior rules. It has referee and 2 linesmen. Referees have access to goal-line cameras to decide close cases.

 The player should not use the hands or arms. If they use it should be a foul. It also has behavior rules. Players may not trip or push each other. Players should not abuse the referee in any way and the Players who commit bad fouls will be given yellow card.  A player who commits more bad fouls will be given red card. Players who gets red card will be sent off from the field. This is the very interesting game and it is the most liked game of all the people in the world. FIFA conducts the world cup every 4 years which more popular than Olympic Games. to know about the scores instantly the liveticker is the best option for everyone.