Though we are using small android phones or an iPhones, you just need for file sharing application. This is mainly because; it is considered to be the main source to share the files from one phone to another. And there are many applications been implemented mainly to share the files. And among that Xender is the application which is used to share files and the purpose of using this app is not only to share the files, but it also helps them to do some other thing through this.

If you are using the file sharing application, then you may get files or the application from your friends. File sharing involves bot sending and receiving the files, because it is very common usage of this application. But, you may come across many applications about sharing files, and some may use data to share the files. So, why to activate that, just wait and search for the bluetooth on the devices. This is because, in olden days, bluetooth has been considered to be great sharing app and in some devices it has been available default.

But, nowadays there are many applications which help us to share the files as soon as possible than the bluetooth speed. The only drawback of using the bluetooth as a sharing device is just the speed. So try to Download Xender to share the files as soon as possible if you are struggling to share files in bluetooth. If you start using this, you have to do some things to share the files. That is you need to connect the devices and making the devices discoverable. Sp, stop those settings and make it very simple for you. Just you need to open the app page, select the files which are required to send. And it will arrange the received files by itself.