How to play goal attack successfully in netball

Goal attackers: the heroes of the court, the over-achievers, the glory seekers. It’s no secret that this role is probably one of the most desired out of all available in the game of netball, and why shouldn’t it be? You get to play most of the field, set up the brilliant attack plans, and even get the chance to score without the pressure of being the final line of attack. Goal shooters, we do not envy you!

game of netball

With that potential glory comes an intense amount of pressure. We’ve got some tips for you on how to get past that pressure and play the position perfectly.

1, Play the court

Your primary role as GA is to set up goals, either for yourself or for the goal shooter. However, that’s not your only role. It’s often said that goal attackers are overachievers, and that can certainly be held true. Goal attackers are allowed in the center third and attacking third, including the goal circle – check out netball drill training video if you’re unsure about this – so they get involved a huge amount of the game.

It could be said you’re the thread holding the team together, collaborating with the wing attack, wing defence and goal shooter to put your practised technique into play. Make sure you bear that in mind, and don’t get caught up just playing one role.

goal shooter

2, Read the game

You play a crucial role, so it will be your job to read the game, looking for potential gaps in the defence and opportunities to score, in addition to ensuring your own team’s defence is holding up. Reading the game can only come with experience, so we’d recommend checking out a netball drill training video or two if you haven’t had much practice so you can get some more experience. Netball drill training videos are available online at Sportplan if you want to check them out.

3, Fitness is paramount

As goal attack, you’re expected to be all over the court throughout the game. Therefore, it’s very important you work on your fitness so you don’t tire out before the game is up. Check out ways to improve your fitness if you’re unsure.

Good luck on your journey to becoming the ultimate goal attacker