Top Trendy Adjustable Beds For 2017

Adjustable beds are the power beds that are worked by the power or pressure in which the back and legs can move up and down. It is remotely controlled system so that you can move you leg and back. They are an electric bed that adjusts the mattress to your body rather than the other way around that can be controlled with remote either hard wired into the base or controlled with a wireless remote. You can quickly develop problems with your back and necks as well as general points of pressure that create knots in your muscles with this bed.

Top Adjustable Beds

  • Split King Adjustable Bed

            It is one of the best adjustable beds of 2017. This bed keep you in relax mode and keep your tired muscles comfort and which provide you a healthy sleep. The wireless remote is provided with this bed and lighted buttons of this remote are designed so that you can see its button in dark. It uses Whisper Quiet DC brand motor that won’t disturb you while sleeping.

  • Dynasty Mattress S-Cape Adjustable Beds

            It is new model adjustable beds with two wireless remote and you can find the dual massage provided by a wave. The company also offers a twelve-inch memory foam mattresses with it and the air flow system is also embedded in it. You can adjust your position with the help of wireless remote and the adjustable bed is more durable and reliable.

  • Leggett and Platt Shipshape Adjustable Bed

            This queen size base bad has four hundred and twenty LBS weight. This modern adjustable bed will make your room more attractive and give trendy look and it also comes with wireless remote. It is designed with dual motor bed mechanism with four side movements which help you to raises up the back and bends the legs with good support.


Today, most of the people buy adjustable beds to reduce pain and you can adjust it according to your wish. The best adjustable bed of 2017 move from one to another and wheels are easy to lock for safety to transfer of bed. Adjustable beds have elevation so that the head and feet of beds can easily rise up and lowered down due to its electrical features. Spinal and back injured patient uses some special type of adjustable beds like standing beds, turning beds and so on. Adjustable beds are easy to use and they provide relief from back and leg pains.