Rebotec Award-winning Commode Chairs

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Rebotec is a medical wholesaler that distributes medical appliances most of which are mobile solutions to other medical institutes. They have many mobile products but one of their most unique is the commode chair. A commode chair is a movable toilet that resembles a chair with a seat as that of a toilet and underneath is a container or bucket to collect the waste from the patient. After using the commode the container can be taken off for cleaning. It is usually placed by the bedside of a patient who has limitations; these are used in the home mostly when the patient is unable to reach the bathroom.

Rebotec commode chairs :

Rebotec has a variety of these commode chairs including the bathroom commode, self-propelled commode wheelchair, kid commode, bedside commode, bariatric 175kg capacity commode chair, tilt in place commode chair and so much more.

The Bonn Attendant-propelled shower commode chair :

Taking a look in detail of one of their commode chairs you will see that they meet the standard requirements for patients. For example, the Rebotec Bonn Attendant-propelled shower commode chair is built from durable, lightweight and strong synthetic material, free of rust, and cleaned easily. It is solely made to minimize areas in which microbes can grow, and can be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. This is possible due to its ease and flexibility during the breakdown of its parts. It also has great features which include:

  • Excellent for control of infections; chemical resistant and can be sterilized with steam and all categories of antimicrobial product.
  • 4 water-resistant braking castors.
  • Ergonomic backrest with push handle.
  • Swing-away arms for easy side transfer.
  • Footrests are height adjustable, removable and swing-away.
  • Easy change of position of hygiene opening from front to back.
  • Padded overseas and bowl included.
  • Can take up to 132kg body weight.
  • 5” hospital grade swiveling and locking casters for secure transfers.
  • Polyamide nylon construction guarantees no rust.
  • Soft and durable polyurethane seat cover allows for comfortable seating and easy cleaning.

                There is just the review of one of their award-winning commode chairs. We also have the phoenix multi commode chair with just as much breathtaking features as the Bonn Attendant-propelled shower commode chair and so many others.