Promote Indian Art and see the true essence of artwork

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Handicrafts from India have their own identity worldwide. People from different nationalities visit our country in search of the handicraft made in India. There are different art styles and using them the artisans creates masterpieces which are loved by many. You can find a lot of different styles of handicrafts made from fabrics, metal carving, clay and paints.

Every woman has a special love for their jewellery collection. In India, Dokra jewellery is quite popular, many jewellery designers have brought this ancient style of jewellery designs in their latest editions. In the ancient times, jewellery played a very vital role, the kings and the queens used to wear elegant and classy pieces of jewellery which were considered as the style of royals. During that period special artisans were hired to design unique and alluring pieces of jewellery. Every state had a different style of art hence that was also depicted clearly in the designs of jewellery. Dhokra art was quite popular at that time, many artisans were made to learn that art and make elegant handicrafts and jewellery using this style of art. Out of all handicrafts, dhokra jewellery was the most appreciated artwork. The different dokra art necklaces studded with precious gems and diamonds.

The dhokra art has become very popular among this new generation. As there is a saying “old is gold” this art is pure gold. The popularity being the reason you can now find dokra necklace online with all the designs from the ancient times which gives you a look and feel of ultimate magnificence. 

Styles of dhokra jewellery

  • Handcrafted dokra necklace with ancient coin design
  • Dokra earring made with lost wax casting
  • Necklaces with traditional designs influenced by the old art styles
  • The tribal designs
  • Contemporary designs with the blend of today’s world.
  • Ruby embedded brass, silver and gold.

With the growing dependency on technology, now you can buy anything from anywhere just sitting at home. Hence, you can find a huge number of websites selling some extraordinary artistic pieces of jewellery online. All this jewellery is brought from all the different states of India and is compiled on one single platform. These websites help people buy the famous dokra necklace online, not just necklace but all other jewellery pieces like bracelets, earrings, anklets etc. are available. Bring these traditional and modern piece of art in your jewellery collection and flaunt your beauty.

People do have doubts when it comes to online shopping when the era of online shopping started people were very skeptical about the originality of the products but slowly and gradually people started trusting these portals and hence a result today half of the world is connected through these online portals. Also, these portals have given a platform to all those artisans and their art which was about to be lost in the hassle of this modern world. Kudos to the artists who have kept the true essence of Indian art alive and are working hard to make these artwork popular worldwide.