Accessorising For the Big Day

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So you have finally decided to say “I Do”! The happy news has spread like wildfire. Now the difficult work begins. Picking the dress and the jewellery and you just cannot be wrong about it. After all, this day does not happen very often. While we let you pick up your gown, we can surely help ease your jewellery search.

Here are some of the gorgeous handmade pieces that might just fit the bill.

Retro Crystal Necklace

If you are going for a dress with a plunging neckline. Pair it up with this gorgeous retro crystal necklace to complete the look. It’s handmade beautiful intricate design and the soothing blue crystal is sure to calm your nerves while you walk down the aisle. This could just as well be your “something blue”!

Rhinestone Crystal Necklace

For those of you prefer things simple and precise, the Rhinestone collection from Make Vana is the perfect pick. A beautiful curvaceous design with a single stone in the middle. Pick the color that matches your bouquet and complement it with a similar ear piece. You are good to go! This collection of handmade pieces is every bit as unique as you on your special day.

Water Drop Bridal Jewellery Set

This gorgeous water drop bridal set by Make Vana is handmade to suit your particular requirements. It comes with a water drop shape pendant and a set of water drop shaped earrings. The entire set has semi precious stones around the borders and a crystal right in the middle giving it a beautiful gleam complementing yours on your big day. So if organised is your way to do things, this set is your go to piece.

Water Drop Silver Jewellery Set

If you are the kind that does not like bling in their ring, this set is perfect for you. This gorgeous handmade Silver Water Drop Jewellery Set by Make Vana is elegant and classy in every sense of the word. It comes with tear drop ear hooks, bracelet and a gorgeous teardrop ring or freshwaters pearl jewellery. This complete set will complement your gown perfectly and ensure create your own style statement simple and elegant.

It is very important to ensure that everything about your wedding is perfect. From your dress to your accessories all have to be one of a kind as every eye in the gathering is going to be on you. So if you wish to create a unique style statement pick up things that define you both in dress and in accessories. Make Vana offers some beautiful handcrafted and handmade pieces which by virtue of being made selectively are unique and gorgeous. The variety and designs will leave you confused as to which to pick and which to leave. So get going and have a great time shopping!.