Sashimi knife – How it is designed

When you plan to cook a dish with fish slice or meat fillet, how can you cut those ingredients? Mostly Japanese people have most of the recipes that are prepared with fish and meat slices. Also they are prepared with eye catching decorations. So to make delicious sashimi in nice design, you need to use a professional knife specially designed for this purpose. When you prefer Japanese food items, those are easy to cook but complicated to slice and dice the ingredients.

Yoshihiro VGYA240SH

Yanagiba is specially designed traditional Japanese knife to cut fish slices and meat fillets. The knife is manufactured in long and very thin shape forged in multiple layers to be strong and hard. This is manufactured with hard carbon steel that is easily prone to oxidation or rusting. Since carbon steel is hard and brittle by nature, it is used instead of stainless steel. Over the layer of carbon steel, forge welded with a thick layer of iron steel. Iron steel is soft and ductile, it is best to provide smooth slicing. With these layers, carbon steel is exposed only at the cutting edges. This multiple layering and single honed sharpness ensures a best mixture of ultimate sharpness and breaking strength.

It is designed with well balancing texture along light wooden handles and sharper edges to result in finest cutting. There are various knifes to cut meat and fish, but to get a smooth end result the edge is designed with traditional Japanese style samurai sword. It is single edged with acute angle to provide better sharpness. This sashimi knife slim blade resembles the willow leaf or katana. Its blade length is of 270 mm with asymmetric shape that is used to trim meat fillets. When you need to buy a knife, there are various knife manufacturing shops to consult and find the best yanagiba knife. It is advisable to consult Happy Sales HSSR400 Japanese Long Sashimi Knife and it has so many knives with sharp edges and perfect stain resistant. When you have to buy a knife, you need to consider about its every aspect from angle to sharpness. Sharpness alone cannot help you with smooth cutting. There are various factors and aspects about knife to consider while buying. Choose a better knife to make delicious sashimi dish.