How to reduce the impact of cancer

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Are you really concerned about prevention of cancer? Regular screenings along with a healthy diet go a long way in reducing the possibility of cancer. A lot of time you would have a lot of myths about cancer prevention. A specific type of cancer treatment that works in one case may not be suitable for another. In some cases the measures for preventing cancer are still at a primitive stage. But one thing is for sure the possibility of cancer would be influenced to a great extent by the lifestyle choices you go on to make. In case if you are looking to prevent cancer, some changes in lifestyle can go a long way in prevention of the same.


If you use any form of tobacco, you are well on the collision path with cancer. The list of the types of cancer with tobacco is endless. It would be lung; throat cancer etc. if you chew tobacco oral cancer or your pancreas may be in for a hard time. In case even if you do not even smoke, the exposure to second hand smoking may go on to increase the chances of lung cancer.

To prevent the total use of tobacco or to restrict your consumption is one of the most important decisions you need to make. You can say that it happens to be a part of cancer prevention. If you are really keen to quit smoking, just ask your doctor on how to go about it and then devise a strategy for the same as well.

A healthy diet

Making healthy choices in terms of diet. This can go on a long way in prevention of cancer. Do eat plenty of fruits along with vegetables. You would need to base your diet on fresh fruits along with vegetables. In case if you plan to consume alcohol, then make it a point that you do it in moderation as well.  There are certain types of cancers that increase with the amount of alcohol that you take. A research has brought the information to the fore that if you consume a large portion of processed meat, the chances of cancer are on the rise.

Be active

In addition you would need to exercise regularly and as far as possible maintain a healthy diet. If you maintain a healthy diet it does decrease the chances of various types of cancer like colon or lung to be specific. In the meantime your physical activity too is important. It does go on a long way in keeping your active. In the meantime the chances of various types of cancer do reduce at the same time.

If you are adult who does indulge in a lot of physical activity you keep the cancer levels at risk. Ideally, it is suggested that during the course of the day devote around 75 minutes to intense physical activity. This is a standard benchmark as per the top cancer hospital in India. The more the better as well.