Types of bonuses on online Games

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In order to grab the attention of the populace, online casinos like togel singapura use a very popular strategy called bonuses. These bonuses act like nectar for the bees and gambling addicts and enthusiasts are extremely tempted by them. It also encourages new people to try their hand at gambling since it appears to be free. In reality, entering a bonus gambling cycle is a vicious cycle that goes on and on.

Let’s take a look at the types of bonuses offered by gambling websites

1- Welcome bonus

Welcome bonuses welcome the player with a certain amount of non-withdrawable cash in your gambling account so that you can start playing. Most of the time it is offered only after an initial deposit is made. However, some websites give free slot shots and the like for free to encourage participation

2- Insurance bonuses

This is a bonus given to those who incur a lot of losses while gambling. A certain percentage of the losses is returned to the gambler in order to encourage him to continue gambling. Not all online casinos offer this type of bonus though it is becoming common.

3- No deposit bonuses

These bonuses are ones that cannot be cashed out but only played. They are the most commonly offered bonuses and are available in almost all online casinos. When a withdrawal request is made, these bonuses are deducted from the players gambling earnings and the balance is returned to the gambler.

4- Referral bonuses

These bonuses are given to gamblers in order to bring more gamblers to the website. When a gambler refers another gambler he gets some amount of bonus. At the same time, when the referee gambles at the online casino like togel singapura he gets his share of bonus. There are certain requirements for this system and only when the referee completes these requirements are the bonuses credited to both the parties.

As you may observe all these bonuses are but a trap to get gamblers to play at the gambling website. So you should be careful where you spend your hard-earned money.