Online casino games

About 20 years back the gambling games used to be played in the casino houses which were located in star hotels and that too in famous tourist destinations. With this it can well be surmised that the gambling games were beyond the affordable limits of ordinary middle class people and only the moneyed people along with some rogue elements could approach the casino houses to play the games of chances. But when the concept of online casino sites became successful with the active help from the computer engineers, the gambling games came within the affordable reach of middle class people. From them onwards the games of gambling which was a limited affair turned into a high turnover industry. Many online sites such as came up who extended quite good logistics to the players for meaningful playing experience.

Broad categories of online casinos

Broadly the games of the online casinos can be categorized into three types namely web based casino, download based casino and live casino. In the case of the web based casino the players need not to download the software from the casino site and can play directly in the web site of the online casino. The risk involved in such mode of casino is the fear of virus invasion. Since it is directly connected to your computer via the internet there remains all the possibilities of viruses getting infiltrated to your computer system thereby jeopardizing your computer software. It may be costly for you since it will cause disruption to your work and business responsibilities in addition to the repair and maintenance fees for rectifying the computer.

In the case of download casino you have to download the right type of software to your computer. In this mode the system runs faster and the pleasure of the games is much more compared to the web based ones which are much slower. The live casino is altogether a different experience because here you can play with your partners and can see their reactions, despair and anxieties. This begets togetherness and a real life situation which has and always shall have a truly gambling impression.

The games

Now coming to the games and the varieties which can be played in the online casino sites such as, there are many such as blackjack, roulette, poker, slotting machine, baccarat, craps and many more. As a matter of fact almost all the games which are played in the brick and mortar casinos have been brought into the ambit of the online casino sites.

The online casino is now a major industry and so it employs all the promotional measures which the conventional industries resort to. The main promotional scheme which these online casino sites do is through the bonus schemes. In order to lure the customers these sites offer various types of bonuses some are directed to the beginners, some to the current members and some to encourage high deposits. These bonuses are the points of attraction for the players and they give special attention while selecting the sites.