Beginner’s guide about basic football information

New one to this famous football sport then don’t worry, you can get useful things and tips to play it by reading here. Well, talking about this well known game is, it is ranked up as the famous and costly sport among other sports. The agen  judi bola is available in many sites to make bet in this famous sport’s matches. The football ground is considered as one of the biggest sports ground among other sports ground. The international football council is responsible for giving a layout of ground measures to play football games. The given ground measures are strictly followed in all the international and national football series. The football goal posts are placed in both ends of ground and each team has its own goal post. A player who crosses the line is considered as violating the rules as out of bound condition. The hash mark is the centre point to give space for both of the two players to play it.

Football game format

 This timed sport has four quarter play level in which there is a long time-out for break. The time clock is measuring the time during the play and makes the play time even more with its limited time frames. This will give more time to play and after the time limit the team with high goal points is tagged as the winner of game. The game format is carrying out in a right way, so that it gives the perfect gaming time for both players and viewers. Each football team should have the consistent eleven players to play it. There are substitute players to replace any injured players during the game play. The football teams are generally classified as both offense and defensive teams. The team with high possession is considered as the offense and it keeps on advancing the game play. The defensive team works in avoiding the offense team to score point by advancing the football to the target goal posts. Both teams should follow the rules to avoid getting penalties. The agen judi online is helping you to play betting by finding money for all your football betting games.