Obtain glimpse info about Carrageenan

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Carrageenan is a food ingredient that is extracted from the red seaweed through a proper technique and it works as a binding agent or thickener for food items. Carrageen Moss or Irish moss in the country of England, which is the specific species of sea weed, is the key behind the derivation of the particular name Carrageenan. In Ireland, it is specifically given the name of Carraigin and it is being dominantly used in the country of Ireland since the 400 AD as an alternative to gelatin and most significantly also as a very efficient home remedy to heal the common colds and coughs. It also helps you to get relief from many of the health related issues easily and it provides many benefits to all people.

Why there has been a wide spread controversy about Carrageenan?

  • There has been a major topic for debate in the past few years on the composite topic, is carrageenan safe and the perplexity has been elevated because of the existence of two kinds of Carrageenan that can be categorized as upgraded Carargeenan and degraded Carrageenan.
  • The food preservative that is used as a thickening agent or a stabilizer in food is the upgraded carrageenan that has been proved to be absolutely safe after the studies of its extensive reviews and approval from the WHO organization.

  • It has been approved after the autonomous evaluation by the joint committee of FAO/WHO on the various food preservatives which is equipped by an international skilled and distinguished panel of expert professionals in the field of toxicology who are well known to review data in a systematic manner and develop specific recommendations on the usage of food additives. You can use this in food without having any fear or doubt.
  • On the other hand, after several studies, the degraded type of carrageenan was declared to be harmful but its use is not at all found in any of the foods also because of the simple reason that it does hold the capability to act as a binding agent in the food items.
  • Although, both the types of carrageenan and their respective properties differ from each other, the detrimental and unfavourable effects of degraded carrageenan has lead to the mystery raising the question; is carrageenan safe? And creating an ambiguity behind the same issue.