Excellent features Precor EFX 222 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer

Some of the attractive features of this gym equipment include:

·         Adjustable stride length

·         Reversible motion

·         Movable arm bars to provide complete body workout.

·         Adjustable incline.

·         The magnetic resistance which has no noise and ensures quiet workouts.

·         The user can adjust the resistance levels to 16 different values ranging from 10 to 550 watts to manage the difficulty level of workouts.

·         Contact and wireless pulse monitoring system while you workout.

·         Predefined 10 workout programs to make it easy to exercise for beginners.

·         12 data points.

·         Two user profiles can be created simultaneously.

·         Accessories include tablet computer holder and water bottle holder as well as other accessory holders.

·         The machine is compatible with iPod/iPhone as well as Android.

·         Metric and standard data choices.

·         Amazing and prompt customer support team.

·         The EFX 222 is considered as an investment as it is quite costly i.e. $2500 as compared to other ellipticals in this series. But it is comparatively affordable as compared to other new models that are being launched by this company.

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·         This is a heavy and commercial level machine as per its price and features but the warranty that is provided by the company is very less and limited.

·         The incline adjustments are not automatic and need to be set manually.

·         This is not a folding elliptical and hence requires more space for usage and storage.

·         Extra delivery costs need to be incurred for this gym equipment.

Warranty details:

The Precor EFX222 Elliptical comes with a lifetime warranty on its frame and the parts have 5 years of extensive warranty. The console has a warranty of 3 years and the labor warranty is of only 1 year. This is available in south bay gym.


This is a recommended elliptical which is affordable if you are looking to buy an elliptical of Precor brand. It offers features such as multiple workout options, comfortable motion, flexibility to suit different fitness level needs and lot maintenance. These features make it one of the best elliptical trainer for home use.