Vote To Eliminate The Person In Bigg Boss

Big boss is the television reality show. It was a big hit in the North India and Hindi speaking audiences. Based on the same concept, Vijay television has started the program in Tamil which is aired in the prime time for the Tamil audience. Currently season 2 of the big boss is going on which is hosted by Actor Kamal Hasan for the second season running. Though there are several controversies in its first season, it was welcomed by lot of audience and increased the TRP rating of the Television. Hence, they have started the second season running and now it has crossed 70 days out of total 105 days.

Concept Of The Big Boss

When forced to share the same house with the persons whom you may or may not know your behavior will change. It is about how well you cooperate and adjust with them and the rules. Totally there will be 16 persons sharing the house in the set which is located outside Chennai and they won’t have any access to what is happening outside the set. Contestants will have to choose 2 persons for elimination every week and then audience can vote for the same. They will be given 10 votes every day for choosing the persons they want to retain. Those with the least percentage of votes will be eliminated that week. However, there will be no elimination on some weeks and the decision of Vijay Television which produces the event will be the final and binding on. Kamal Hasan will announce the unlucky person who will be eliminated that week.

Contestants will be given set of conditions and project like things every week and they will be monitored. Bigg boss tamil vote will decide the fate of the persons whether they will be continuing in the reality show or not. It is a big hit among the audience. There is a jail room in the set for those who commit mistakes during the tasks.  There are lots of heated discussions going in the social media every day about what happened in the Bigg boss show the previous night. There are lots of dedicated audiences who follow the show. Even if they can’t see the show in television, they are making sure they see the repeat telecast or watch it in the internet. But at the same time, there are several other people who do not like the show also.

They are very critical about the format and say it is waste of time to watch these kinds of shows. In fact, last year Actress Oviya has become a sensation after her participation in the show and there were thousands of people who began to follow her in the social media and in the show. There were several controversies erupted when Oviya got eliminated. Same can be said for Ms. Julie who came to forefront with her active participation in the Jallikattu protests last year. After participating in the Bigg boss show, she got couple of offers from Tamil Cinema industry.

After the success of the show in Hindi version, they have copied it to several regional languages. Gauging by the discussions in face book and twitter, they also seem to big hit with the Indian audience. This show is popular even in other countries. There are several similar shows running across the world with different names and titles but the concept remains the same even though there are several rules and condition changes according to the country and type of audience each show targets.

It is audience who decide who get eliminated every week. Everyone can vote daily 10 times. Based on the vote percentage and the elimination list from the participants, judge decides who is going to get eliminated each week. There may be a surprise elimination and shock elimination also possible. For most of the time, they kept the audience in suspense, though sometimes trailers give away too much information about the elimination list.

Out of the 17 entrants, 16 original entrants and one wild card entrant, 8 has been eliminated so far and 9 are remaining in the event. Contestants are mostly from the cinema industry and some time they choose people from the Tamil serial industry also. But they are making sure most of the participants are well known to the audience to keep them glued otherwise people may not interested in viewing the show at all. But whatever the people may say, we have to agree that Bigg boss reality show is here to stay for some years to come. It may become integral part of Vijay TV like the Super singer and junior super singer competitions which were run successfully which made other televisions to come up with different types of competitions.