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What the biggest source of entertainment now days? It is movies. Movies are the only thing which can bind a person without moving. Movies are great source of entertainment. There are numbers of types of genre in movies; however, each person has its own favorite genre. Some like action, while other like romantic. The amazing fact about movie is they are made for every age group right from child below 12 to adult above 50. The advancement in technology has changed the face of movie industry. Now you do not have to go to cinema hall to watch movies, rather you can watch at home on your television or you can download them from internet. Internet is widely used by to download movies. There are number sites on which free movies online are available. One such site is; this site offers every movie free to its visitors. You can also watch TV shows.

free movies online

Costs associated with

This site offers numbers of movies and TV shows which you can watch online without any cost. Although for premium membership there is monthly charge. The wide range and variety make this site popular among the people. You will get movies of every genre and country on this site.

Overview of the website

  • This website has all types of genres available with them. Some famous movie genres are action, romantic, thriller, science fiction etc. each and every genre is covered by the website.
  • The second amazing feature about his website is it has movies of all the countries. All the countries which are in movie making business their movies are available on the website. For example- united states (Hollywood), India (Bollywood) etc.
  • The website believes in systematic order. That is why you can choose movies based on their year of release. Suppose, you don’t know the name of the movie but you know that it was released in 2010, then you can find you movie through release column present on the website.
  • The movies which are rated excellently by the IMDb website are given a separate column on the website. This makes you work easier, if you are looking for a top rated movie you don’t need to search everywhere, you know the place.
  • A separate list of top watched movies is made available to the visitors. In order to save their time to search for their favorite movie.

Therefore, tornadomovies is website for movie lovers who want to watch free movies online.