Mistakes to avoid when hiring and retaining employee

You must have heard about the common things like poor work ethics, job hopping, and neediness. So many employers in the market have notices parting away employee and believed these can be the possible reasons of this problem. But people should have to deliberate things both ways. The employer of the market needs to understand the work style as well as management styles and hiring process.  Below are the three mistakes which mostly made by managers in the process of retaining hiring.

  • Neglecting motivational fit in the recruitment process: Motivation fit is described as what the person actually what to do work place and what he is actually doing. There are two major factors of the motivational fit, Intrinsic factor and extrinsic factor.

Intrinsic factors can be defined as asking the question to the employee regarding work preferences, feedback and task variety. Extrinsic factors are related to work place, they include questions from the work schedule, commitments, and physical work place. The motivational fit is the best way to know the whether a person likes the task given to him and will be the productive assets for the organization.

  • Lack of opportunities for skill development: As per the recent survey reports employee wants to quit the job because they were not getting skill development opportunities. On the other hand, some want to be their personal boss. This is not about some employee, all employees must feel in a way they are using their skills fullest. Here are some things manager can do to improve employee skills:
    • Provide immediate feedback: Coaching and immediate feedback is best option to tell the employee where they are lacking and where they need improvements. Set some program like aptitude assessment tests to provide immediate feedback to the employee.
    • Provide addition job role opportunities to employee: Provide an advanced platform to the employee to perform additional roles in the organization. This will increase the level of knowledge.
  • Provide adaptive culture to employee: If the management is providing out-dated culture to the employee they may tend to move on further location as they seek for advanced working culture. Things attract employee to work with organization:
  • Flexible Timing: While giving so many hours for working provide flexible time environment to the employee so is make them more productive.
  • Work from home: In case of emergency there should be an opportunity for the employee to work for the remote location.
  • Company perks: Given the additional perks to employees like tuition reimbursement, health club memberships, family friendly policies and casual dress codes. A study stated that addition perks sometimes benefits the employee and the organization too.

These are few things one can focus on for retaining and recruiting the employee for the organization. Each and every phase of the employment is important whether it is selection or retaining phase. It is important to know how employee needs are changing with time management of the organizations should need to build the preferable environment for current employees and newest generations of employees.