Time Clock Genie: Online Scheduling,Time Tracking and Project Management brought under one roof!!

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Business productivity gets largely affected by the the employee practices and the amount of dedication that put in to meet deadlines and complete work.If you happen to be a small business setup that still does not have a regular HR departmentworking properly then you will definitely require a mechanism through which you can reportemployer’s bad conduct and issue warnings or confront them officially and keep a check on their work progress and attendance. This is where anEmployee time tracking softwares will serve in the desired purpose!

What is the use of Employee scheduling in a business scenario?

In absence of a proper means to check employee activities,a business can suffer immensely making the employees take a granted approach thereby leading to non completion of projects and work deadlines.However,living in the digitilsed technology there are ways that can let you achieve employee tracking via software modes which are quite easy to use and affordable at the same time.


One such handy and multi faceted online software that could help you monitor remote activities of your employees ensuring they work regularly and also stick to regular attendance is Time Clock Genie Employee Time Tracking.

A Look into its Resourceful Features

Scheduling Task : Presence of a calendar that works online makes it super easy for employees to manage and prioritise their task well.Moreover in complex project environments,from form filling to report drafting to sending emails, there will be multiple taskrequired to be done within the same frame of time. The Clock Genie software comes with itsown multi task tool that can let you maintain as well as make any changes tomultiple task together without wasting time on single task separately.

Online Clock and Reminders: Being 100 percent reliable and efficient,the software tool will keep a check on minute to minute tracking of work progress.Its weekly reminders,urgent notification will keep the employee devoted to their work and will allow the managers to monitor their employees.

Processing of payrolls: While this task is usuallt handles by the accounts department,the payroll generator that comes with the software will help to keep a track of maintaining extensive reports from gross pay to tracking overtimes and paid benefits.

Hence, if you are have been looking for efficient project management cum Online scheduling software, then Time Clock Genie seems tobe a promising option to kick start your business workflow!