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Are you looking for a media crew to cover an awards night show that you have planned? Have you considered contacting ‘Crazycrew’? If you haven’t then what are you waiting for? ‘Crazycrew’ is the best Los Angeles video production company that specializes in film projects on the west coast. You may recognize them as the team behind Reebok’s ‘Spartan Strong’ advertisement. You may also remember them for producing the ‘Smart Dad’ commercial for Best Buy. In addition to producing ad-films, there are plenty of projects they undertake, including shooting music videos, producing corporate videos and more importantly, covering live events with multi-cam coverage.

Events like conferences, exhibitions and staged performances all fall under the umbrella of services that ‘Crazycrew’ has to offer. Moreover, the package for live events includes additional features like highlight videos and even social media livestreams. Each team member at the firm is very skilled in their craft and some of them are award-winning professionals who have studied atthe top media schools in the world. They have also gained plenty of experience due to their involvement in many big-budget Hollywood projects.

Los Angeles Video Production

When it comes to dedication in the Los Angeles video production industry, ‘Crazycrew’ is the name to trust. This is apparent from the week-long motorcycle tour event that they had covered for the Eagle Riders club. They had traveled and filmed with the crew for the duration of the whole tour. You can watch this amazing video on their website ‘’. Also, there are several other video productions you can watch to get an idea of what the crew deals with.

As mentioned before, they film music video content for musicians and also organize for countrywide tours with different musicians. From this, you can understand that ‘Crazycrew’ do serious business with their clients. Moreover, along with video production, the staff will also help in the marketing of your video to the public. This helps in reaching a maximum number of audience and will help promote your brand/content better. To find out more information on the various packages they offer, just log onto ‘’.