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Scriptcase helps in creating all kinds of applications which are helpful for website as well as software development purposes. It is one of the most powerful PHP generator for designing responsive websites. A simple form can be easily created by utilizing the default values of Scriptcase for a form application. The procedure is fairly simple. It is mentioned below:

  • A blank form will be shown after utilizing the ‘Add New’ button.
  • The modification of the contents can be done in the blank form.
  • The Save button should be clicked for saving the changes in the database.
  • If you want to copy the contents, then, you can click on the Copy button.
  • After that you can show the contents in the blank form for incorporating them into the database.

There are some navigation buttons at the bottom toolbar. Those buttons are extremely helpful for moving forward and backward on the record according to your requirement. The recount count feature is also present in the toolbar.

Now, in the below mentioned example, you will be learning how to utilize Scriptcase in special fields of the created form.

Google Maps Field- Usually, 3 kinds of set ups are present in it. In this particular example, we will  be utilizing the postal code.

  • First of all, you have to select postal code in the Origin toolbox.
  • After that, you have to select the appropriate location in the map.
  • Set up the display mode, width, height and zoom in the map display mode option.
  • Now, select how the link you want to be shown in the page either in the form of button or text.
  • In order to show the map, the information of the location should be accurate.
  • Now, click on Google Maps.
  • The map will be shown as per the information and direction provided. There is no need to save it in the table.

This, Scriptcase is an essential platform for website and software development. The best fact about it is that it can be downloaded in any kind of server present in the internet. It enabled for the developers to utilize a graphical interface which can develop the codes automatically.